Promising New Initiatives to Improve Rural Life in Scotland in the Future

As of late, there have been numerous new developments in the improvement of rural life, services, education and business possibilities in Scotland’s rural areas.

With the introduction of the new EU Common Agricultural Policy expected to bring significant changes to the management of farming, forestry and environmental management projects between 2014 and 2020, the Scottish government, along with other organizations responsible for the recent successes of Scotland’s rural life improvement projects, have been active in discussing future plans for more efficient funding options.

More Funding Sources and Opportunities

The three main sources of funding that have made – and continue to make – rural life in Scotland better are the Scottish government, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and various voluntary modulation efforts geared not only toward improving the agricultural and forestry sector, but also for protecting the environment and the quality of living in the countryside.

The latter has been the source of lengthy discussions in the government as the Scotland Rural Development Program has led to the provision of more than 1.2 billion pounds between 2007 and 2014, for economic, social and environmental measures, as well as to help develop rural Scotland in developing better conditions for organic farming, woodland management projects and improved support for farms located in remote areas in 2014 and 2015.

What Are the Current Results?

Even though the new funding efforts have only started impacting local Scottish communities about five years ago, a number of remarkable results and benefits have already been noted that have sparked new discussions about new initiatives in the area.

Throughout the past few years, these accomplishments have included:

  • Improved results in training and education and better career opportunities for students in the process of finishing their studies;
  • A more effective distribution of local products and services, as well as fewer emergencies that are dealt with much more efficiently than in past years;
  • Lower income depravation levels, higher incomes and more work opportunities;
  • An overall better quality of life and growing life expectancy for the following years.

Although all these advantages have become visible in only a few years, government officials have also stated that the positive tendency toward a better life and the remarkable resilience and dedication of the rural population are key factors that have made these achievements possible.

Also, with more visitors and tourists expected to take a greater interest in rural life in Scotland, it is expected that even more successful projects will be funded in the next few years not only to keep services and accommodation standards as high as possible, but also to protect the environment and provide for better and faster access to remote locations.

The Joy of Exploring Scottish Rural Activities for the Whole Family

Rural life in Scotland has become a powerful attraction for people of all ages who are interested in a fun and educational experience while wanting to let go – at least for a while – of the demanding and limiting living conditions of the big city.

Scottish farms and cottages are some of the best places to take your family to, being able to provide numerous opportunities for children, while keeping the door open to anyone from sporting and camping enthusiasts to scholars intrigued by Scotland’s rich historic and cultural heritage.

Activities for Children

For kids, the exploration of rural life in Scotland in farmhouses can be much more than the simple and entertaining tourist getaway that most people would consider it. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, visiting these locations with your kids as part of a family vacation or a school visit can have a profound positive effect on children’s education and healthy development, allowing them to:

  • Safely get up close to all the animals in the farm and learn about farm care tasks and responsibilities;
  • Visit rural museums and explore historic farmhouses for an unforgettable fun and learning experience;
  • Gain the advantage of a healthy, engaging and socially enriching trip away from the boring and stressful constrictions of city life;
  • Enjoy fun-packed birthday parties with numerous safe, creative and exciting indoor and outdoor activities;
  • Explore the surrounding areas and visit unique rural museums to learn about Scotland’s past in an enjoyable and highly engaging manner.

Planning Your Visit

Planning your stay in most rural areas in Scotland is made extremely easy by the many available facilities and locations for finding dining and catering opportunities, accommodation, shopping and entertainment for the entire family.

If you’re visiting from abroad, most farms can keep in touch either online or by telephone to provide you with specific instructions on finding suitable transportation from airports or train stations, as well as special information for people with disabilities or organizing larger trips for school children.

In most cases, rural life in Scotland can be extremely rewarding, with entertaining, educational and leisure activities for every member of your family, while also accounting for a wide range of budget considerations.

Whether you’re interested in a short getaway or in planning a longer vacation with numerous activities and tasks for the entire family, Scotland is one of the most exciting and rewarding places you can choose, allowing everyone involved to enjoy a remarkable experience brought about by both outdoor and indoor activities.

The Touristic and Educational Potential of Rural Life in Scotland

The Scottish highlands, a vast area encompassing a multitude of rich landscapes, islands and unique natural and historic attractions, many of which basically combine to form the sum of Scotland’s cultural heritage and touristic potential.

Every year, thousands of new visitors arrive in Scotland to enjoy a rich and educational experience, as well as a beautiful pastime through anything from sporting and nature watching activities to the exploration of ancient castles and the numerous distinctive cultural and geographic features that can offer invaluable lessons on the region’s history, tradition and natural heritage.

The Growth of Scottish Rural Tourism

As a result of the increasing interest tourists have in the natural, remote regions of the Scottish highlands, rural life in Scotland has come to account for more than 20% of all employment opportunities currently available in the tourist sector. With a growing number of public bodies that have a notable influence on the tourist industry in the area, this number is likely to grow.

As such, not only has tourist growth been encouraged in many of Scotland’s previously “uncharted” locations that have recently became important attractions noted on any tourist’s travel map, but the potential for learning about the region’s rich cultural and historic heritage and training to become part of one of the fastest growing industries in Great Britain has become a remarkable opportunity for growth, available to anyone interested in sports, history, nature activities, farming or geology.

Activity Tourism Management Courses

Of course, despite the exponentially growing interest in rural life in Scotland, tourists and visitors still need appropriate facilities and accommodations, as well as reliable guides and people who can manage all their needs and requirements for a pleasurable and relaxing stay.

Activity tourism management courses have become more and more available for people wishing to take part in these activities and lend a hand in building the future of Scotland’s tourism industry.

From evaluating current trends to exploring and solving management issues, as well as physical training and learning how to raise awareness of the balance required between the needs of tourists versus those of the environment, these courses can provide future managers with a strong foundation while allowing them to make a difference in preserving and sharing Scotland’s remarkable natural and cultural values.

Careers in activity tourism have sparked the interest of numerous people who want to be a part of an innovative and potentially profitable future industry expected to form a solid bridge between the trends of modern living and the mysteries and wonders of Scotland’s rural traditions and culture.

Rural Life in Scotland – Enjoy the Freedom and Tranquility of Working Farm Stays

The Scottish highlands are among the top destinations for people all around the world who want to rediscover a world that has long been lost to the modern age, exploring ancient abodes and castles, while still enjoying a wide variety of experiences – from self-catering to luxurious, 5-star hotels.

Lately, however, a growing number of people have opted to discover the beauty of the somewhat less heavily advertised rural life in Scotland by visiting and staying at a working farm.

A Peaceful Way to Relax in a Beautiful Country

The beauty of the Scottish outdoors hides some of the most remarkable farmhouses where the traditional Scottish heritage meets the modern world to provide a harmonious blend between the simplicity of rural life and all the necessary facilities required by modern lifestyles.

Away from the chaos and stress of city living, working farm stays offer an alternative that combines regular physical activities with a tranquil lifestyle, providing accommodations that are sure to help you relax after spending endless days wasting away in front of a computer at work or having to deal with overtime work hours at the office.

Rural life in Scotland offers refreshing opportunities for both those seeking a technology-free vacation enjoying the hospitality of the locals or the beauty of nearby landscapes, as well as for people who want to take their favorite gadgets, books and vehicles along for the ride.

Also, from secluded cottages to busy working dairy farms, you will find that most of the locations you can choose from are quite close to the most important Scottish cities and villages, making it easy to get back in touch with civilization if needed.

Scottish Working Farm Activities

Activities abound in rural Scotland, with the experiences and the prices available to fit any visitor’s need. Here, you can enjoy numerous self-catering options, including outdoor seating, barbecues and open fires, as well as working farm activities at genuine Scottish cottages and farmhouses, many of which include engaging activities for children and a hands on, educational approach to learning about farming and animal care.

While experiencing the natural, tranquil feel of the great outdoors , you can find anything from a peaceful countryside getaway to modern indoor facilities and engaging outdoor sports and activities, such as fishing, barbecues, cycling or golf.

Regardless of the activities you wish to take part in, there will always be a place for you within the friendly and hospitable Scottish communities that run these working farms, and you will soon find that each day spent on your visit will be a new source of invaluable memories that will last a lifetime.